support for student sex workers

We are a confidential peer support organisation which is 100% sex worker led. We are here to support all sex workers and anyone who identifies with the sex work community. Our team is made up of sex work specialists, mental health support workers and creative support workers. We believe in the power of community, togetherness and understanding through lived experience.

we are unable to offer advice to people who are looking to get into the sex work industry. We are not here to encouage people to get into the industry, we are here to offer support for sex workers and people who have worked in the industry through a harm reduction framework.  Please do not contact us to ask for advice on getting into the industry.

Whilst we are not here to promote or glamorise the industry, we do not believe anyone should feel ashamed for what they choose to do to make a living. We stand for a full decriminalisation model when it comes to sex workers and the law. Sex work is work and there is no shame in sex work. We do not encourage anyone to leave the sex work industry unless they choose to do so themselves, though we are here to support sex workers who wish to transition to other jobs.

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