specialist training sessions for professionals working with sex workers

We are passionate about ensuring professionals who are likely to hear a disclosure from sex workers are informed of how to approach supporting sex workers through a harm reduction framework. We have trained over 1000 university staff members across 60 universities across the UK and have a portfolio of training experience which includes training the police and working alongside The Survivors Trust. 

It is important to hear directly from sex workers when considerng their experiences and how to suport them and that is part of the service we provide here. 





We will soon be resuming our training sessions for staff at universities and will be taking enquiries from October, 2023.

This page will be updated when we are ready to launch our new training package.

Please get in touch if you would like more information.

supporting student sex workers

student sex work level 1 - 1 hour

Level 1 training gives an overview of the sex industry within the UK, how it has adapted to a more digital society and the laws that govern it; the challenges that students can face while combining their involvement with studying in Higher Education and how best to support them.

Session Aims:

To give attendees a broad understanding regarding:

  • The background to the Student Sex Work Project, what it is and why needed
  • The scope of the industry and its legal frameworks
  • Motivations for entry for students and the challenges they can face
  • Myth busting
  • Crimes experienced and the importance of appropriate support routes
  • Key Support available and how to appropriately refer

student sex work level 2 (disclosure training) 1.5 hours

Level 2 training is an interactive session and explores the challenges students can face when considering disclosing their involvement in the sex industry, the positive and negative consequences this can create and how University staff can appropriately support them through this using real case studies. 

Session Aims:

  • To identify what students think is the most negative aspect of being involved in the sex industry and why
  • Recognise what students may need to consider before disclosing their involvement
  • To explore best practice when supporting students with disclosure
  • An opportunity to explore real case studies that students have experienced and how to respond to disclosure

This is a new website and we don’t have everything we offer up yet! Please get in touch if you are a professional in any capacity supporting sex workers and would like training. We would love to hear from you.