creative projects for the sex work community

 We are passionate about ensuring sex workers are represented and celebrated in creative spaces, providing accessible creative workshops to sex workers in the prison system and the wider community and bringing paid opportunities to the sex workers we collaborate with on creative projects.

collages exploring stigma from our zine project (2023)

an installation piece for End Violence Against Sex Workers Day (December 17th, 2021)

our 2024 creative strategy

At SFSSW, we are in the developing stages of implementing our 4 point creative strategy for 2024:

1. We want to provide a platform for sex workers to discuss topics and create art around themes they care about and define for themselves, create a sense of togetherness within our community through art and showcase the artists within our community who deserve to be celebrated.

2. We want to lead by example when it comes to paying sex workers for their time and push for this to become the standard that our community expects from people who want us to work for them in professional settings.

3. We want to see sex workers visible, supported and represented in educational settings and a fairer representation of the people that make up our community in arts projects, academic settings and within the social care sector.

4. We want to deliver workshops and educational and creative experiences so we can learn, grow and collaborate with our community to support sex workers to be safer, healthier and succeeding in the goals they define for themselves. We want to improve prison system support structures, expanding on our sex worker led creative workshops designed to reduce feelings of shame as a result of stigma.

our creative team


creative lead

I’m Marcus and I’m the creative lead at SFSSW. I oversee the creative direction of the organisation, develop our creative projects and manage the creative team. 

I was involved in developing the organisation when it was just two people and an idea. I’ve been on the  team since the start and our organisation and what we have created in our community holds a special place in all I do. 

 I have a lot of experience in creative fields and like to work on projects which challenge me. I have worked in the mental health support sector for a while and have worked with survivors, sex workers and refugees. I’m a good person to talk to for people who need someone to listen. 

I’m proud to be our resident male sex worker and my favourite part of working here is having a laugh and creating art with the sex workers we work with. 




I’m Anya and I’ve been involved with SFSSW since 2021, I even designed our logo! I’m particularly excited to run creative projects such as exhibitions, as well as events and conferences which put the experience and talents of sex workers at the forefront.

I’m currently studying for a PhD in Medical History focusing on topics such as sexually transmitted diseases and female health in eighteenth-century Britain. I aim to use my background in academia to provide a voice for sex workers throughout history and educate other academics in how to ethically research topics related to sex work.

I’m looking forward to helping bring the creative projects of sex workers to life and I’m eager to break down the boundaries sex workers face in entering academic and creative industries.


creative engagement manager


creative peer support worker

I’m Yetunde and I first got involved with SFSSW when I came for support a few years back. I’ve got lots of interesting things to say and can’t wait to begin taking over our instagram to discuss the topics I’m passionate about, such as maternity, fertility and the experiences of black women.

I have an educational background in reproduction and development and am passionate about supporting and advocating for sex working mothers.

I believe all sex workers deserve the same opportunities as everyone else and am looking to work towards achieving goals centred around this with my time here.

get involved

We are always looking for ways to collaborate creatively with the community, make art with an impact and support up-and-coming artists in working towards the creative goals they bring to us. We respond to all creative queries from sex workers and want to work with all sex workers, regardless of what stage they are at in their artistic development. Part of what we love is supporting artists in refining their craft. We are also always happy to hear from allies, services and organisations who want us to bring a sex worker led element to any projects they do.

contribute to our zine

We’ve had a crack at creating a few zines and want to begin a community focused project which discusses topics chosen by the people who submit their art. 

We are producing several zines in the next year and want the community to bring us art for us to develop the themes we discuss based on what the community wants to say. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, non fiction, poetry, painting, drawing, collage or photography, if it can be printed on a page, you can submit it and we want to see it. We can’t accept everything, but don’t let that stop you getting in touch anyway to begin a conversation. Part of our work is helping artists develop and there will definitely be an opportunity for you in the future!

contribute to our exhibitons

We have just gotten our first pot of funding to support us in hosting exhbitions showcasing art from the sex work community. 

We want to begin collaborating with artists and facilitators in Manchester and develop this into a national project for sex workers around the UK to contribute to. 

At this stage, we are looking for artists of all kind so that we can use the creative experiences and talent brought to us inform our processes and allow us to decide what kind of themes and avenues to explore. 

Exhibitions will be paid opportunities for sex workers to have their art exhibited in a professional space and we want to hear from everyone! 

artist showcases and instagram take overs

We want to start showcasing sex worker artists online and providing a platform for sex workers to discuss topics they’re passionate about.

We are beginning to take submissions for artist spotlights on our Instagram. Open to artists and musicians of any and all kind, as long as you identify with the sex work community. This will involve posts featuring your work, some information that you would like to share about yourself and a day of IG stories featuring a Q&A. As our social media receives private messages this will all be conducted via liaising with our creative team without anyone having access to the account!

If you have something to say, if you’re an up-and-coming artist or if you are experienced in the arts, we want to hear from you!

workshops, panels and socially engaged art

Our team have many years experience facilitating creative workshops for the benefit of sex workers from all walks of life. 

We are looking for more opportunities to work with women in in the prison system and run socially engaged workshops for people with complex needs. We are also looking for opportunities to talk about fun stuff at educational institutions or any topic relating to our community.

If you are looking to gain more experience in facilitating creative classes, if you have any ideas of your own, if you would like to get in touch with us regarding running a workshop in collaboration with your organisation or if you would like to see us at your educational institution please get in touch!

timeline exercise from a workshop focusing on lived experience and exploring feelings of shame - (HMP Low Newton, 2023)