we’re human too – SFSSW X MASH (zine, A5)

December 17th is End Violence Against SWers Day ☂️

During workshops with SWers at MASH and SFSSW, we discussed the human experiences that make us who we are. We told each other stories about ourselves, kind moments we had shared with other people and things we had done or experienced which make us proud.

We have come together to create ‘We’re Human Too’, a mixed media collection of our art and our stories. We want people to see us for who we are as human beings and not just what we do for work. We want people to see we’re just like they are and we deserve to be safe too.

SFSSW will be selling ‘We’re Human Too’ from our online shop for £10 to raise funds for our organisation.

Over the Christmas period, we will be using the funds raised to run our helpline during the holidays (including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years) so that we can ensure sex workers are supported throughout the Christmas period, which can be a difficult time for many of us.